First of all, we are sorry to everyone. For the last two months, you may not be able to contact our support, and your servers may be down for the last 2 weeks, also our site too. But, we are in a very bad situation. Most of you know about Surya (Founder of 2MakeU), and you may also had a conversation with him. He is now in a medical emergency, he is affected by a fatal bike crash. By god's grace, he is alive but in Coma. He frequently said that he started 2MakeU with a lot of dreams and goals, he is very caring and knowledgeable. But, we cannot see him in this situation.

Currently, we cannot able to offer support or services to our users because of this situation. Because he is the one who manages all the Data Center Contracts, we have a hope that he will definitely come back. He has paid the data center contracts until last month. But for this month, we are not able to renew the subscription. Most of the Servers are hosted on IONOS Data Centers in the US and Germany. They currently have Disabled our RackSpace's, because of non-payment. This is why our servers are down for the last few weeks.

We understand that most of your businesses are affected by this incident. But we never thought that we will have to face these issues. We are really sorry!

The renewal cost for our RackSpaces is $2500 per month. We raised $1600+ from friends and family at least to give access to the servers for a month. So the users can have time to migrate the sites. But, our account is already in a termination stage, we also told them to give us some time, but they cannot offer us time anymore. We are trying to do our best. We hope that Surya will be back soon, once he is cured, he will resume the services or refund the amounts.

Thanks for all your support.